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Our Achievements

We've just finished producing and started promoting our first single called "Song for humanity" composed by Yann Brizé. This song is a Soundtrack. We are currently working on Eliess's Album "Mysterious". But you can listen to his first trailer of song "Someone Else". We wrote and produced the song all together with the Artist who is also a member of our team.

How we Formed

A bunch of friends passionnated by music. Always ready and positive leading some musical projects, so we decided to launch our own independent record label. We work together writing songs, recording in our personnal studio "eliess studio" , or in other several studios. Follow us on social networks !

Our Future

We are actually working on Eliess's album to get him signed by a label and record company, we'll love to get contacts and pros who believe in Eliess and his talent and so we can all work together to get him a good record deal to get into the international music industry market. We are also planning to get some funds on crowfunding sites to get Eliess a good video clip.

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Formed in 2006

2 Albums

BIOGRAPHY Who is Eliess? Eliess, is a very gifted artist: singer, songwriter & dancer with voice so close to Michael Jackson's one. He is a really good entertainer, who has already got a track sold over 11 countries, a remix of "Don't stop till you get enough" by Michael jackson and remixed by DJ Pakito, and made some tours and stages with RMC Radio in France and met numerous famous…


Formed in 2015

2 Albums

BIOGRAPHY Yann Brizé is a very gifted songwriter able to compose every style, every kind of music. Songwriter, sound designer and beatmaker. LITTLE IMPRO SONG FOR HUMANITY This track is a song for humanity, to bring back hope, love and faith to humanity. By buying this track you help, a network for humanity which part of future benefits goes to charities and members projects. Free Listening on: Soundcloud:…
"We really enjoy watching them play. Amazing Gig!"
Amandine & Arnaud

Umanitii Original SoundtrackSONG FOR HUMANITYComposed by Yann Brizé

« Song for Humanity » This track is a song to bring back hope, love and faith in humanity. Composed by Yann Brizé a very talented songwriter, sound designer, arranger and beatmaker ( This is the Original Soundtrack of Social & Pro Network

By buying this track you help, a network for humanity which part of future benefits goes to charities and members projects. Coming soon on Itunes, Google Play…
And on crownfunding plateforms. Stay Tuned!


"Awesome indie label, they organized everything for us. Highly rated!"

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