Who is Eliess?
Eliess, is a very gifted artist: singer, songwriter & dancer with voice so close to Michael Jackson’s one. He is a really good entertainer, who has already got a track sold over 11 countries, a remix of « Don’t stop till you get enough » by Michael jackson and remixed by DJ Pakito, and made some tours and stages with RMC Radio in France and met numerous famous artists here in france.

After ups & downs, Eliess’s got back to recording studio working on a track called « Always U » ft Maykenem a french rapper from Marseille. So that, he’s decided to compose and produce a whole new pop/rock/rnb/dance album called « Mysterious ». He composes all the tracks and works with his friend Yann Briz√©, a very talented songwriter, arranger, soundesigner, beatmaker & producer. Eliess co-wrotes the songs with his friend Agt Khouri who helps him with writing his songs’s english lyrics. Someone Else has been recoreded in France & in Buffalo NY, it’s been mixed by famous Chris Landon of 222 Music Group in Los Angeles.

Eliess is also coming back with a new track called « Someone Else » ft AbSalute an American Rapper from Buffalo NY of Code Red Global Label.


We are actually working on Eliess’s album to get him signed by a label and record company, we’ll love to get contacts and pros who believe in Eliess and his talent and so we can all work together to get him a good record deal to get into the international music industry market.


Listen to Eliess’s first song: (Someone Else Trailer)


Eliess covers famous song « Billie Jean » by artist Mickael Jackson.


Eliess has always been a huge fan of Mickael Jackson. Here is a special tribute to Mickael Jackson by Eliess. He was such an artist, influence and such a genius in the music industry! Listen to Gone to Soon by Eliess: